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Our History

John's Corporation is a branding and digital solutions that was born from the observation of his young promoter of the opportunities offered by the advent of the Internet in Africa and in particular the dematerialization of the old model of the supply and demand market.

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Our Mission

John’s Corporation aims to support companies of all sizes, individuals and students, in the creation of value and optimization of the digital experience with a unique and excellence-oriented approach. For that, we rely on the competence of our passionate and committed collaborators to promote the emergence of Africa in a constant approach of quality of services, on our proximity, agility and our entrepreneurial spirit. Our corporate culture is based on management participatory approach based on values of innovation, excellence and integrity guaranteeing the sustainability of our activities.

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Our diversified expertise covers a wide range of Branding. Also, we capitalize on all channels of digital to create value and enrich the customer experience.

Virtual Reality

According to our YVRA agency, we offer immersive solutions and 360° contents that will propel you into the future while staying in the real world.


With our drone solutions we support professionals from various sectors; communities of all sizes; as well as individuals for safeguarding memories that are dear to them.

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6 Reasons to collaborate with John's Corporation


We have the skills to satisfy you.


You are our first source of inspiration.


We support you with tools at the forefront of innovation.


No sales team to hassle you. Our work talks the best for us.


Fully dedicated digitally sound talent to care for your project.


We are totally open to forming partnerships for the sole purpose of satisfying you.

Our references

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